Raw source

The raw source for this site’s content is in a plain text format called Markdown. While in this raw form the files are easy for humans to edit but web browsers can’t display them well. The browser-friendly version of that content is generated by a program called Jekyll, then sent directly to the web host.

You can view or comment on the source for this site at the project page.

Continuous delivery via GitHub Pages

Each time the source code changes, GitHub signals a service called GitHub Pages, which rebuilds the browser-friendly site by passing the raw source to Jekyll before storing the results to the web host.

Web hosting by GitHub Pages

Besides being a service where Jekyll processes Markdown into websites, GitHub Pages also hosts sites, free of charge, and free of advertising.

There is no server system that users must maintain because GitHub Pages is limited to serving content generated by Jekyll from GitHub repositories, and the rest of the details are the burden of GitHub.

You are here

GitHub lets each user publish their site to a subdomain based on the user’s name, such as devvyn.github.io. GitHub Pages also allows a custom domain name to replace it. For the sake of memorability, this site uses devvyn.io.