I consider myself to be:

  • a human being who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • professionally experienced programmer, designer, administrator (6+ years)
  • self taught in theoretical and applied sciences, chiefly computers and technology
  • a passionate advocate for design based on human factors

My heart resonates with glee while:

  • architecting and designing interactive systems for human beings
  • being a perfectionist who gets good results under challenging constraints
  • sharing the joy of programming with curious humans
  • learning something new from a podcast or web article

My stomach twinges in the presence of:

  • typeface abuse, white space neglect, and overworked cliches
  • unfriendly websites and apps for otherwise exemplary companies
  • most of my past work, after about six months

I will gladly converse with you, ad nauseam about:

  • critical thinking, logical fallacies, and the human mind
  • composing, curating, analyzing and experiencing music
  • Linux, open source software, command line tools, servers, and “the cloud”
  • anything you find fascinating, if you can convey your point of view

My usernames:

GitHub: devvyn

  • Open source software – Personal projects and public contributions

LinkedIn: devvyn

  • Description of my professional experience

StackOverflow: devvyn

  • Programming Q & A community

Duolingo: DevvynPM

  • If you’re using Duoling or are interested in “gamified” free language education on the web and your phone, follow me at this username and compete with me!

Steam: devvyn

  • I play mostly puzzle games. Challenge my TIS-100 programming scores!

YouTube: devvynmurphy

DeviantArt: devvyn

Bandcamp: Devvyn

  • A couple old music pieces I made with a piece of software called Reason

Twitter: devvyn

  • Tips, links, gripes, miscellaneous

Facebook: devvyn

  • Personal profile, and some photos